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Welcome to The Flexi PR Service

Flexi PR service is an easy to use press coverage service for the growing business. It is the service, that helps business people and entrepreneurs to increase your profile and media presence, whilst staying in control of your budget.

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How does Flexi PR Work?

How does it work, and how to sign up to the service, you simply:
The service is simple. All you do is subscribe for £720* per year to receive regular and appropriate updates from FP Comms.
You will select which PR opportunities you want to participate in. We do all the work from there. If you are successful and a journalist picks you to be featured in the article, on radio, TV … you pay for the result.
*Plus VAT

How to sign up?

  • Select the pay now button below to subscribe for £720* for 1 year (plus VAT*)
  • Once you have paid for your subscription, you will be directed to complete a short online form.
  • On completion and sending the form to us, you will start to receive regular PR opportunities
  • You decide which PR opportunities you want to target.
  • We manage the process of connecting and pitching you to the journalist.
  • We collate all the information required.
  • Once the information has been approved with your responses, we will submit your responses to the journalist.
  • Once we have achieved the press coverage, you pay £75 per result plus VAT

**(Credit card fees apply)

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