First name: Martin

Job Description: Graphic Designer (Crayola Technician)

Client list: DFC 1883, Christian Legal Services, Rapid NFC, TSU, Would Love 2, Skibo and DZA: Technical

What are your passions in life? My two children, art and design, Sushi and He-Man.

100 words about yourself: It all started from a very early age. Armed with a pencil and whatever I could draw on (usually an old roll of wallpaper) I used to sit for hours dreaming up new He-Man and Garbage Pail Kid characters. This is where my love for all things design started. At the age of 21 I set up Dashin' Blue Design, I was then approached by Saks Hair & Beauty, who asked me to head up their design team.

My next step was to work for a design company called the Media Factory. After working for a year I caught the travel bug. I made it my goal to reach Legoland in Denmark which I achieved passing through Asia and Oz along the way!

On returning to the UK I was made Creative Director of Mustard Designs, who later merged to become Distinctive Publishing, one of the leading publishing houses in the North East. We produced all the Chamber of Commerce material from Southampton up to Edinburgh, and we also produced the Arab Chamber of Commerce literature..

Your greatest hope for the future? I have been a Graphic Designer for many years and am literally living out my dreams.

Top professional business tip? Always believe in your own talents.

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