First name: Nicola

Job Title: Founder of FP Comms

Client list: RedBorder Ltd, Toulou Organics, Off The Wall UK, Redbridge Local Authority, Start Creative, Ascent Media UK .....

What are your passions in life? Family, travelling, the sunshine, food, films (especially Comedy)

100 words bio about yourself: At the essence of who I am, I am an idealistic individual, who loves discovering and bringing to life thoughts and ideas. This is simply because from childhood I was an incessant reader and loved using my imagination to bring stories to life. I am in many ways I am a straight talking; keeping it simple kind of person. I am a fantastic problem solver as I always believe there is a solution for anything. Having worked in Marketing for over 14 years, I have worked with clients across the globe, Singapore, North America and UK. I have also had the privilege to work on many great projects, met fantastic people and most importantly fulfil many of my passions.

Your greatest hope for the future? That the world slows down a little so we all can regain the pleasure of enjoying life.

Top professional business tip: PLAN, PLAN, PLAN

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